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What Is The Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment?

Summer means hot and humid and for a woman that can spell disaster when it comes to your hair. Women are partial to their hair and it's health and if you have dry, frizzy hair then the humidity can only make it worse. Brazilian smoothing treatments have been all the rage in the last few years and for good reason. Women are paying good money for better results that last a long time compared to regular keratin treatments.


The purpose of a Brazilian Blowout is smooth shiny hair that is manageable and radiant. Through the use of formaldehyde and other aldehyde formulas hair is tamed, smooth and frizz free. However you can still flat iron, curl or give it body should you choose to do so.

How Does It Work

According to brazilianblowout.com the smoothing treatment forms a protective coating around the hair sealing in the cuticle to produce a nice shiny mane. When a Brazilian treatment is performed it is first shampooed than the product is applied. It is heated up with a flat iron at high temperature and this process is repeated several times to seal the product into the hair shaft. After about 60-90 minutes your hair is shiny. smooth, straight and ready for whatever.

What is Keratin

Keratin is a naturally occurring protein in the hair that forms the bond in the hair shaft. Keratin comprises roughly 88% of the hairs makeup so if it is not taken care of properly then there is a break in the bond. Keratin treatments seal that bond and allow the hair to be one solid smooth unit.

Most people don't know this but the hair on your head is already dead once it comes out of the follicle in the skin. So to maintain healthy hair the scalp needs to be healthy along with a good clean diet. Everything affects your hair including poor diet, medications and illness. Maintaining a healthy body and high protein diet ensures your hair is as healthy as it can be.


Brazilian Blowout does require you use their acai aftercare products to maintain a smooth, frizz-free manageable experience for up to 12 weeks. The reason for this is BB products do not contain sulfate which is prominent in many of the hair care products available today.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sulfates are prominent in most hair care products, body washes and soaps especially shampoo as they are a detergent that produces the "lather" effect. The reason this is bad for your hair regarding brazilian blowout is that sulfates strip away dirt, oils and chemicals as well as hair color and other chemical process on the hair.

So naturally if you have a Brazilian Blowout treatment done and don't use sulfate free shampoo you are going to shorten the life of your treatment which is going to cost you money. Go with sulfate free products that rely on mostly coconut and palm oils which are less harsh on the hair and skin.

The Maintenance

After a Brazilian smoothing treatment the result is a smoother, straighter and more radiant head of hair. We have see this process last up to 4 months but usually averages about 3 months. Our clients report a much longer time frame using the BB products versus other brands. In fact our most recent customer did not use the brazilian blowout products and her treatment lasted just 8 weeks.


Brazilian keratin treatments have gotten a bad wrap as of late and this is partly due to the formaldehyde debate with regard to Brazilian Blowout. In a nutshell they got into trouble because they claimed their treatment was "formaldehyde free" when in fact it contained trace amounts of the chemical.


Formaldehyde is a preservative found in everything from household cleaning products to the air you breathe on a daily basis. It has been researched and tested on lab animals as a possible carcinogen but no sufficient evidence has proven it causes cancer in humans. This potent chemical is essentially what gives keratin treatments their effectiveness.

When heated on the hair this gas is what is given off to cause possible breathing issues as well as eye and skin irritation. We at Creative Images Salon have never had an issues with a client in the 3 years we have been performing this treatment. In fact not one person has complained about the process other than slight eye irritation for a few minutes.


Brazilian Blowout states their smoothing treatment contains less than 2% formaldehyde and they recommend safety gear while performing this process. This means gloves, air purifying systems or fans to help circulate out the chemical gas as it is heated on the hair and a mask if you prefer. The treatment is more detrimental to the stylist than anyone else because they are inhaling the gas as it is given off of the hair and released into the air.

Brazilian Blowout ZERO Plus

ZERO plus is BB's answer to the formaldehyde debate as it is a formaldehye free treatment. It is 100% completely formaldehyde free according to brazilianblowout.com and this means no worries for those that are on the skeptical side.


The cost of Brazilian Blowout original hair smoothing treatment is anywhere from $100-$400 depending on length of hair and amount of product that needs to be used. At Creative Images Salon we charge around $200 for short hair and $300-$350 for longer, thicker hair.

The cost for the ZERO Plus is a little less, around $100-150 and takes about 60 minutes to perform.


It is best to have your color performed the same day or just prior to your Brazilian smoothing treatment. The reason for this is the treatment will actually seal in the color making it last longer. If you have the treatment done after your color it can fade and alter the chemical hair color.

Always be sure your salon is a certified brazilian blowout salon and ask to see their certification

If you are seeing differences in your hair then go to the doctor and have some tests run to be sure your levels are in tact.

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