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Nails And Cuticle Care Tips For Strong and Healthy-Looking Fingernails

A comprehensive beauty routine goes far beyond just facial, skin and hair care. Properly taking care of both your nails and cuticles are an important part of this daily beauty regimen as well.

Attentive nail care keeps them looking healthy and attractive. Your nails should always look well cared for since they will always be in the eye of everyone else.

Unfortunately, most people are critical and will form an opinion of you based on little things like the appearance of your nails. However, most women realize just how important nail care is to a complete and successful beauty regimen. Follow these 5 important tips to get healthy, strong nails.

1. Calcium Is Crucial For Nail Strength

Calcium is an important nutrient to keep your nails strong and sturdy. Drinking milk and consuming other calcium-rich foods not only stimulates nail growth, it also adds to the overall health of your body as well.

Incorporate foods like real cheese, spinach, and yogurt into your diet on a daily basis to provide enough calcium for your body and the general health of your fingernails and cuticles.

2. Hydration Is Key For Optimal Nail Health

Drinking plenty of fresh water and staying hydrated is a big part of good nail care. Almost everyone knows how detrimental dehydration is to the body in general. However, it also affects the strength and resilience of your nails and cuticles. Good, clean water helps to prevent them from breaking and chipping.

3. Iron Is Essential In Getting Long, Beautiful Fingernails

Iron plays a crucial role in getting long, beautiful fingernails. Without enough sufficient iron, nails may develop ridges and appear somewhat round. This leads to bothersome hangnails and unattractive white spots.

In order to get an ample supply of iron into your diet and maintain smooth healthy nails, you must consume iron-rich foods such as red meat, poultry, eggs, artichokes and fresh salmon.

4. Make Sure You Moisturize Daily

Your cuticles need the same amount of attention that your nails get. Maintaining healthy cuticles is naturally a part of daily nail care too. Your nails and cuticles should ideally stay moisturized around-the-clock.

Keep both your nails and cuticles adequately moisturized by applying cuticle cream every day. This will allow them to grow beautifully. Dry cuticles are not only unhealthy, but are very unsightly as well. Also, gently push your cuticles back, rather than entirely removing them.

5. Choosing A Proper File To Achieve The Best Results

When it comes to filing your nails the right way, it is important to pick the right nail file to achieve the best results.

Instead of using emery boards to file your nails, a better choice is a soft nail file, which will be much gentler and softer. Often times, emery boards can be too rough on nails. They may even cause a nail to break, rather than filing it. Always use the right tools to efficiently keep your nails intact and damage-free.

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