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An Overview of Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis hair removal is the practice of removing hair from a person's body through electrical means. When applying this method, the effects are almost permanent. In the U.S., it is the only means of permanent hair removal that is accepted by the Food and Drug Administration. It includes a number of treatments or steps to be completed, and is done through injecting a needle probe into your hair follicle, allowing the electrical current to flow through it. Any area of your body except the inside of the ears and nose can have hair removed through this method.

There are basically three types of electrolysis procedures. The first is called galvanic electrolysis, and it damages the hair follicle through creating a small quantity of sodium hydroxide (NaCl), a chemical used in making soap and removing clog in drains. The damage caused is enough to avert the follicle from growing hair again.

The next common method is overheating the follicle through the procedure known as thermolysis. The blend technique combines the first two to attain the same outcome in a short period of time. This short span of time can be fairly valuable as electrolysis hair removal is a very time-consuming procedure. The electrolysis needle should stay in the hair follicle for several minutes, and each hair needs to be removed this way. Even a small area of hair follicles can take several hours, depending on the number or amount of hair that needs to be removed.


The method remains the most effective method of permanent hair removal available.
It is also able to help a broader range of people compared to laser hair removal. For example, while particular skin colors may dissuade people from removing their hair through lasers, electrolysis damages the hair follicle instead of the pigment of the hair.
People with any form of hair or skin can use this treatment.

The tiresome process of electrolysis hair removal may be its major disadvantage.
The cost is anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the amount of hair that needs to be removed.
It is important that the patient have undergone numerous treatments, no matter how little or how much hair is being removed, because of the recurring way in which your hair develops from its root.
Localized swelling and redness are common after the removal process.

Skin discolorations and scabbing are likely in a short period of time term after the procedure as well.

Some people are worried about the safety of the procedure and may also be worried that the procedure is painful. Unlike newer procedures, electrolysis is a method that has been applied for more than a hundred years. It is proven to be safety by many experts around the world, especially if it is practiced by a properly trained or skilled technician, while there remains some fear about the safety of laser procedures. Many experts also said that new equipment and techniques greatly cut the amount of uneasiness that many people experience during the procedure.

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